Minoru Yasui Inn of Court Annual Dinner


June 11, 2015

On June 11th, Domo Restaurant hosted the annual Minoru Yasui Inn of Court Dinner for the eleventh consecutive year. In 1996, the Minoru Yasui Foundation awarded Homma Kancho the award for Volunteer Commetment and Service and in the last decade has been a supporter of AHAN activities around the world. This year, the Foundation made a generous contribution to AHAN’s Nepal WWY Earthquake Support activities in Nepal.

We have been very lucky over the years, but this year the weather did not cooperate and it poured down rain! All of the guests that usually enjoy their dinner in the Nippon Kan gardens hustled inside to dodge the storm. The Domo staff quickly changed the planned buffet to a service of luxurious box dinners served inside!

It actually turned out to be a wonderful evening! All of the guests were able to eat, although rather snugly, together and the sense of fun and comradery filled the room! Everyone it turned out had a very good time.

NOTICE: Inn of Court.

The Minoru Yasui Organization is one of 6 law organizations in Colorado. It was established in 1996 had currently over 140 judges, lawyers and law students make up its membership. The mission of the Minoru Yasui Inn of Court is to “improve the skills, professionalism and ethics of the bench and bar as an amalgam of judges, lawyers, and in some cases, law professors and law students.” – The Minoru Yasui Foundation, the well respected organization of leading Colorado lawyers and legal professionals in Denver was formed originally to honor the human legal rights activities of the late Minoru Yasui. Last year, Minoru Yasui has been nominated for a Presidential Medal of Freedom from the President of the United States.

*out of respect for individual privacy-no photos have been included

Report by
Emily Busch
Nippon Kan NPO Vice President
AHAN International Humanitarian Program Director