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Report June 14th, 2015

Badjao Tribe Children Support

AHAN Nippon Kan supports the Badjao tribe, an ocean migrant tribe of immigrants that have settled near Illigan City, home of AHAN Mindanao. In 2013, after serving meals for over three years, AHAN built the New Life Learning Center for the Badjao people.

A few days ago AHAN Mindanao gave the New Life Center a fresh coat of paint to ready for the School Start Celebration. The Badjao children and their families are not registered as citizens with the local government therefore are not allowed to attend local public schools.

Ava Yancha Sensei, AHAN Mindanao Coordinator, Nippon Kan Uchideshi Graduate and Instructor and her dojo student volunteers hold school classes for the Badjao children every Sunday. On this day, school supplies were given to the kids provided by donations to AHAN Mindanao.

Open! Sunday School’s first day!

Open! Sunday School’s first day!

Dojo Maintenance

Report May 21st, 2015

Happy Birthday Homma Kancho! AHAN Mindanao celebrates your birthday by refreshing the dojo with new paint!

Dojo students repainting the dojo

Planting Mangrove Trees

Report April 14th-15th, 2015

3 years and 4 months ago, a large typhoon hit Illigan city and neighboring Bayuga Island causing extensive damage and death. In tribute and remembrance of those lost, AHAN Mindanao cleaned up a beach area and planted 300 mangrove seedlings.

Meal Support

Report April 15th, 2015

During a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at the Philippine Women’s Prison, AHAN Nippon Kan Mindanao supplied and served a meal for inmates.

photo 137

Report by
AHAN Mindano Official Correspondent
Nippon Kan Graduate Uchideshi Nippon Kan Certified Instructor
Michael Caumban