Japanese Martial Art Instructors Meeting with the Consul General of Japan in Denver


Nov 24th, 2008

Colorado Martial Art Instructor Association with Consul General Kubo.

Colorado Martial Art Instructor Association with Consul General Kubo.

Martial art instructors teaching Japanese Martial Arts in the metro Denver and Front Range area were invited to a meeting in November with the Consul General of Japan in Denver. The focus of this meeting was a discussion on the history of the Japanese martial arts in Colorado and to report on the current status of the different martial arts in Colorado today. This Japanese instructors meeting has been held annually for the last few years with members of the Japanese consulate, but this was the first time that the meeting had been presided over by the Consul General himself.

Most of the instructors in the Japanese Martial Art Instructor Association have been teaching the Japanese martial arts in Colorado for the last 30 years. This annual meeting is a time for all of the instructors to exchange information, discuss ideas and to report on recent developments in the different Japanese martial arts taught in Colorado. It is also a time to confirm friendships among the various disciplines.

At this meeting, a deeper understanding was reached between instructors, the Consul General and other members of the consulate, and new ideas were discussed on furthering the development of the teaching of all Japanese arts and cultural exchange in Colorado in the future.

This meeting was arranged by Consul General Kubo and his Deputy Consul Kashima. In attendance was Yutaka Yaguchi — International Shotokan Karate Do Federation. Sadaharu Kurobane — Wado Kai Denwa Kan Karate Center, Hideharu Igaki — US Karate Do Olympic Team Coach. Shuichi Otaka –Judo, Hiroyuki Tanabe — Wado Kai Shudokan Karate Center, Yasuo Ishikawa — Kendo, Yoshida Tomoharu — Japanese kickboxing and Gaku Homma — Nippon Kan Aikido. Joko Ninomiya-Enshin Karate Do was in Japan and unable to attend this year.

All of the attending Japanese Instructors offer sincere thanks for the generous hospitality of Consul General Kubo and staff.

Written by
Gaku Homma
Nippon Kan Kancho