Japan Cross-cultural Internship Program Report


July 18, 2006—

Nippon Kan student Tyffany Price was selected by Nippon Kan to participate in the Nippon Kan Japan Cross-Cultural Internship Program. Tyffany is currently living in the remote village of Higashi Naruse in Northern Honshu for a three month internship. Link below to a progress report from Tyffany on her new experiences in Japan.

Tyffany practicing her brush calligraphy

Tyffany practicing her brush calligraphy

Nippon Kan General Headquarters Cross-Cultural Exchange Program with the village of Higashi Naruse in Akita Prefecture, Japan has been in operation since 1990. Higashi Naruse Village is small remote village in mountainous region of Northern Honshu whose cultural heritage and lifestyle has been perpetuated for centuries. Higashi Naruse village offers a very special opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture untouched in many ways by the effects of our modern day world.

Since 1990, close to one hundred students have visited Higashi Naruse as part of Nippon Kan’s Cross-Cultural Exchange Program and in the last sixteen years, 25 students have participated in long-term study internships in conjunction with the Higashi Naruse Village Office Department of Education and Cultural Affairs. This program offers students a chance to work with children in elementary and middle schools and to participate in local event and program project planning.

This Nippon Kan Japan Cross-cultural internship program is ongoing and we are currently in the process of selecting students for the winter 2006 and spring of 2007.
Written by Nippon Kan Staff

Link here for letters from current intern Tyffany Price from Higashi Naruse Village, Japan.