Aikido Nippon Kan’s AHAN Active Team’s visit in Thailand

Kreg Lyles

  Bilay House, established by the support from AHAN, is located in  Thailand, about 4-hour drive from  to the north  east Bangkok.  AHAN staffs visit Bilay House on a regular basis (twice a year), and we checked on the status on the construction of the 3rd support facility building during this visit.  For the support operations, AHAN staffs conducted interviews with high school aged children as part of efforts to establish a system to provide economic support to help them be on their own after graduating from high school.

AHAN Active Team members who visited Bilay House in Thailand are Homma Kancho, the Founder of Nippon Kan; Linda Walsh, International Coordinator for AHAN Nippon Kan; Hien Pham, Secretary for AHAN Nippon Kan as a nonprofit organization, and Hom Pimalada, AHAN regional coordinator for Thailand, Bangladesh & Myanmar.