Aikido Nippon Kan’s 2019 Summer Uchideshis Training ~ Nepalese Army pre-selected Instructor Candidates

Kreg Lyles

Community Service as a way of organized, team-building training

Nippon Kan’s Meals Service Project

Uchideshis must be kind; they must maintain and nurture a sense of benevolence within them.

Our love for others, our choosing to care about other people’s welfare is far more powerful than any technique of any martial art.

Without shying away from various matter-of-fact stuff of the reality, one’s Aikido shines more when the person chooses to contribute actively and positively back to the society with her/his sound body and mind.

And I believe it’s what the Founder of Aikido had sought in all Aikido-ka, i.e. Aikidoists, like ourselves.