AHAN Nippon Kan Mindanao Learning Center (Philippines)


October 13th, 2012

The AHAN Mindanao Learning Center has taken on the role of emergency shelter in times of natural disasters before and this past September served as a shelter for local residents as earthquakes rocked Illigan City causing a tremendous amount of damage.

The AHAN Mindanao staff and students have learned to work very effectively together as a team providing emergency assistance in times of need as well as providing regular meal service to the Badjao tribes and other AHAN community projects. In July the Youth members participated in a project in the Plaza in Illigan, supplying bread and other supplies to over 500 street kids. All of the kids were treated to ice cream; a rare treat for so many children in need.

Homma Kancho has always advised that the dojo is a place for retreat and revival. “Working with the local community not only helps others, it strengthens the dojo inside and out”.

The AHAN Mindanao Learning Center worked to repair damages sustained in the September earthquakes and also built an addition to the dojo, the “Payag” or cottage with a rest and dining area.

In October Ava Yancha Sensei and her assistant taught at the Zambaonga Maritime Institute of Technolgy in Pagadian City.


 Youth classes


Youth members learning about volunteer service

Written by
AHAN Nippon Kan Mindanao Learning Center Coordinator
Aikido Nippon Kan International Certified Instructor
Ava Yancha Sensei