AHAN Nippon Kan Milestone; 80,000 Meals Served to the Homeless in Denver


For 26 years, every third Sunday of the month, Gaku Homma, Nippon Kan Kancho and hundreds of volunteers have quietly been building a legacy of service in Denver.

This August, a new milestone was reached with 80,000 meals served to the homeless in Denver. All meals have been funded, prepared and served by Homma Kancho with Nippon Kan members, Domo staff and friends who have all volunteered 100% of their time for this special service.

For the last few years, AHAN Nippon Kan meals have been served outside in a self constructed service line in the alley behind St. Elizabeth’s of Hungary Church in downtown Denver. In winter snow, spring rain, in the 100 degree heat of summer; no matter the weather or temperature outside, an average of 300 meals have served on each service day.

Homma Kancho has said that this service is his way to say thank you and that it also serves as a reminder of the days when he too would have benefited from the gift of a hot and nutritious meal.

This Sunday, the tradition continues; starting again with the 80,000 + 1
Many thanks to Homma Kancho and to all…