AHAN Nippon Kan Izmir, Turkey


Report August 22nd, 2015

My home of Izmir and the surrounding areas are famous as a quite, scenic retreat on the Aegean sea. In the past weeks however, my hometown has changed drastically. Reports on refugees fleeing Syria are international news story and problems have begun here. In my country of Turkey, the total population has increased by 30% with the influx of new refugees from Syria. In Izmir there are now over 70,000 refugees and more on the way. Izmir is a port city and many of the refugees are here to try to make their

way from Izmir into Greece. There is a huge underground market developing by unethical “brokers” who wrangle cash from desperate refugees for illegal passage to Greece.

What started as humanitarian support is turning into an overwhelming problem. There is a clash of life styles and cultural differences as well as a strain on resources. In this climate, many are becoming anti refugee. No country has the resources to handle this massive influx. This problem will not be solved by being kind hearted and welcoming every lost soul into our community. There are too many to handle and this monstrous international issue is here in my home of Izmir.

AHAN Nippon Kan Izmir is waiting for an upcoming visit by Homma Kancho. Maybe together we can figure out something that we can do.


Report by
AHAN Izmir Turkey Coordinator
Nippon Kan Graduate Uchideshi
Nippon Kan Certified Instructor
Cihan Karaogluol