In Yangon, Myanmar

Kreg Lyles

We visited AHAN Myanmar Learning Center that has been self-sufficient in running its programs after AHAN had provided financial support and management consultations.

Ms. Nilar Than, AHAN Myanmar Coordinator, and her family opened the learning center with support from AHAN 7 years ago, and many students at the learning center live together at the center’s dormitory and almost 100% of them pass the exams to move onto higher educational institutions.  It’s also notable that Nilar san has assumed the position of a factory manager at a sewing factory of a Japan-based company, and her factory employs about 500 employees and produces approximately 15,000 suits per month.  Thanks to various operational management consultations, including human resources management, provided by AHAN years ago, the employee turnover rate at the factory has remained at a low level.