A Small Snowman

Kreg Lyles




A path of ‘Shugyo’

Is a path of enduring and perseverance

For every Samurai



When Spring sunshine shines upon it,

Only its departure is imminent and inevitable, like the water in a flowing river and evaporating mist in the air




Following the usual path, en route to a ‘keiko’ in the morning, in front of the “Magnificent Aikido Sculpture”, which I have selfishly but affectionately named, I found a small snowman standing solemnly.


I stood beside the snowman with my phone pulled out.

I shared a few silent moments with the snowman before I bid him a fond farewell, “Stay strong.  Look after yourself…”


The unexpected encounter happened on February 24.  It was a cold morning with mirage-like scent of spring in the air.



Gaku Homma

Kancho, Nippon Kan