Children’s Classes

Nippon Kan Youth Program

Classes are held every Saturday from 10:00 to 11:00 am. for our younger members from 7 to 15 years of age.

The Advanced Youth Program is held every Saturday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Youth Program students who practice in the advanced class have been personally evaluated and approved by the instructor.

Uniforms are not required for Nippon Kan’s Youth Program classes. Like the adult classes, there are no contracts or initiation fees. Monthly Youth Program membership dues are $25.00 per month. More…

Nippon Kan Youth Program

Before your child becomes a member of Nippon Kan’s Youth Program, consider…
If you think your child will become a hero like in “karate kid”, Nippon Kan is not for you.

Nippon Kan Youth Program classes do not hold tournaments, encourage sparring, or practice kicking or punching. If you are looking for trophies, Nippon Kan is not for you.

If you think that Aikido is a cure for hyperactive behavior, Nippon Kan is not for you.

These statements might surprise you, but it is important to us that parents understand that Nippon Kan does not work miracles or make parent’s dreams and fantasies come true. Parents sometimes dream of having their child turn into a “Karate kid” like protégé. This can put a lot of pressure on a child to perform. “Karate kid” is a movie, and movies are fiction, not reality. Children live in the real world, and need to learn about dealing with the life they live in in real terms. To this end, Nippon Kan does not teach children how to punch or kick. If you teach children how to punch and kick, they will inevitably punch or kick another child, or another child with punch or kick them. Our purpose at Nippon Kan is to help develop children that do not hit or kick others nor are they hit or kicked by others.

Children are naturally active and full of energy. Our responsibility is to provide inventive supervised Aikido training to all of our children students. It is not the responsibility of the Nippon Kan staff to diagnose or treat behavioral problems. Children that are disruptive will be asked to leave the class.

Nippon Kan’s Philosophy for Teaching Aikido to Children

Nippon Kan’s primary philosophy for teaching Aikido to children is to develop each child’s own natural sense and coordination. We encourage children to discover how their own bodies move naturally, and do not focus on cookie cutter patterns for children to memorize. Making tiny champions is not our goal or purpose. We work to develop children who can think for themselves and practice patience and perseverance. Teamwork and cooperation with others is emphasized It is also important at Nippon Kan for children to learn to be sensitive to what pain feels like to others and act accordingly.

How to Enroll your Child

Nippon Kan’s youth program classes begin every Saturday morning at 10:00 am. If you are a parent or guardian, stop by and watch a class with your child. Feel free to ask questions. Make sure both of you understand and feel comfortable with what is involved in practicing Aikido at Nippon Kan before registering your child.

Registration forms for children need to be signed by a parent or custodial guardian. Uniforms are not required to begin class. Loose comfortable pants (no jeans) and t-shirts are suitable, especially until your child shows a serious interest in wanting to continue.

We have a waiting area, especially for parents. We have found that parents watching the class distract the children while they are practicing. Once a month, we have a parents day however where parents can watch or even participate in the class with their child.

Available to Parents and Guardians

For parents and children enrolled in Nippon Kan’s Youth Program classes, the book Children and the Martial Arts, an Aikido Point of View by Nippon Kan Founder, Gaku Homma Sensei, is available at the Nippon Kan office. This 249 page book covers in detail important information about the martial art of Aikido and children of all ages. Children and the Martial Artshas received acclaim world wide. Retail value $20.00

Notice to Parents

Nippon Kan has over 26 years experience teaching Aikido to children. Nippon Kan reserves the right to ask that your child leave the class if your child does not work well with other children, or does not show an interest in the class or directions given by the instructor and assistant staff.