Dojo Tour

General Information

In addition to a large practice area, our facility has rooms for cross-cultural activities, a Japanese rock garden, a Japanese folk art museum decorated with traditional rice straw crafts and artifacts, facilities for live-in Aikido students, and Domo, a Japanese country foods restaurant that has won much local and national acclaim.


The picture above shows the front door of Nippon Kan’s 10,000+ square-foot facility.

Nippon Kan is located at 1365 Osage Street, a few blocks west of downtown Denver. Click here to view a map and get driving directions.

Demonstrations and Tours
Nippon Kan strives to serve the Denver community by performing demonstrations and cultural tours of the Nippon Kan facility for schoolchildren from elementary through highschool and college. These tours include a tour of the facility, an aikido demonstration, a hands-on origami paper folding demonstration, folk art museum lecture, garden tour and a country-style Japanese lunch provided by Domo Restaurant.

To find out more about our domos and tours, click here.