Experience as Uchi Deshi in Nippon Kan

Every time Homma Sensei speaks I like to listen.

One day, back from traveling in Nepal He said that it’s not important to tell everybody all about the difficulties found during his travel and the Seminar, because for people that listen it is only words and is difficult to understand the situation without trying it for themselves.

For this reason I don’t want use this opportunity just for describe the “Uchi Deshi life” – those would be only words but there is something that is more than words and for me this is the Spirit of Nippon Kan.

Practicing in Nippon Kan, staying with Sensei doesn’t teach us only taijutsu, not only weapons and not only the relationship between weapons technique and taijutsu technique but it give us the chance to understand the relationship between Aikido and Life.

When I decided to came to Nippon Kan I didn’t know what it was; I wasn’t looking for special technique but a methods for improving not just my Aikido but also myself and I was really attracted by the Nippon Kan website which didn’t speaks only about Aikido in the Dojo but explain what A.H.A.N does for other people outside the tatami.
For Nippon Kan the Dojo is not only a place with a mat where people practice technique but is our life, and we are start practicing when we get up in the morning.
In Nippon Kan I founded not just people practicing Aikido but I founded a Family.
This is what I take home after three months as Uchi Deshi in Nippon Kan.

Michele Zanrei