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Special Recognition
Gaku Homma
Nippon Kan Kancho

This plaque hereby acknowledges
40 Years of Practice
of the Martial Art of Aikido.
Honored this day,
May 8th, 2004.
From all of us at Nippon Kan who have had the privilege to be your students, we are honored to acknowledge this tremendous milestone. Your contributions have been vast, not only for the Aikido community but for so many around the world whose lives have been enriched by your great humanitarian spirit.

Doug Kelly
Nippon Kan President
Emily Busch
Nippon Kan Vice President
James Looney
Nippon Kan Secretary/Treas.

All Nippon Kan AHAN Associated Instructors worldwide.

Denver Government Officials
Felicidades!- Congratulations on a job well done!
Deborah Ortega, Four term Denver City Councilwoman,
Nippon Kan Advisor Denver, Colorado

Congratulations! Your contributions to the Denver community have been invaluable.
Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper Denver, Colorado

Aikido Instructors in Japan
合気の道を一筋に Straight forward in the way of AIKI
財団法人合気会 合気道本部道場 指導部 師範 藤田 昌武
Shihan Masatake Fujita
Akikai Foundation, Aikido World Headquarters Tokyo, Japan

親愛なる兄貴、本間 学 様

Congratulations on the occasion of 40 years of Aikido training. I extend my respect to you from the bottom of my heart. Your activities in the US are my guidance, too. Please take care of your health, and continue your admirable activities. To my big brother, Gaku Homma, with love and respect,
Hitohiro Saito
Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai Dojo, Iwama, Japan

These forty years have flown by. Congratulations on your achievement.
Shuji Maruyama
Kokikai Aikido Founder and President Nagoya, Japan

Japanese Martial Instructors in Colorado
Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary of Aikido training. Your road has had many hills and valleys and I know your spirit and character has helped to carry you through. I respect this a great deal. I wish you continued good health and success in the future growth of Aikido.
Yutaka Yaguchi, 8th Dan Vice Chairman
International Shotokan Karate Federation Denver, Colorado

For you dedication to teaching the Budo spirit worldwide, we wish you continued success.
Joko Ninomiya
Enshin Karate Denver, Colorado

The way of the martial arts is not an ordinary thing.
It is to master peace and to desire harmony!
J.K.F Wadokai Denver, Colorado

Congratulations on you 40 years in the Martial Arts!
I am awed by the way you teach Japanese martial arts &
introduce Japanese culture. You are an inspiration to me.
Hideharu Igaki
USA National Karate-Do Federation (Member US Olympic Committee)
USA National Karate Team Head Coach Colorado Springs, Colorado