To Everyone in support of AHAN Bilay House

December 17, 2017


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Every one of us at Bilay House wishes you a joyous Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year! Homma Kancho was invited to a nearby city this year again! People, including children, of the Karen ethnicity from Myanmar live on the other side of border in Thailand for many different reasons, and …

Philippine AHAN Mindanao Report #1

December 10, 2017


Aikido Seminar for Mindanao AHAN Staff lligan city & Marawi city region, Mindanao, Philippine The seminar was conducted by Homma Kancho at “Mindanao AHAN Education Centre”

Philippine AHAN Mindanao Report #2

December 9, 2017


New Life Centre’s Meals Support for the Badjao Tribe on a regular basis ~ Mindanao AHAN Education Centre’s Volunteers ~ Support for the Badjao Tribe, known as the Sea Gypsies, goes back more than 10 years, and today humanitarian support for the Tribe is offered on a regular basis with continued support from volunteers from Mindanao AHAN Education Centre (aka …

AHAN Meal Services at 3 different places: Kathmandu, Nepal; Yangon, Myanmar; Denver, CO, U.S.A.

November 25, 2017


AHAN Meal Support Service Activities are a class of humanitarian activity that Aikido Nippon Kan Students and AHAN-supported School staffs & students voluntarily provide. The photo was taken on November 18 during an AHAN humanitarian activity by the Nepalese Army Rangers at a historic nursing home in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Young soldiers and AHAN Nepal’s WWY (We are With You) children …

A New Project at Bilay House ~ Organic Farming

November 3, 2017


In a mountainous area in western Thailand near the border with Myanmar, is where Bilay House stands and operates.  Bilay House adopts and looks after children who have come over and through the mountainous area from Myanmar for various reasons.  Pastor Bilay, the leader at Bilay House, is of the Karen tribe, and he has both legs paralyzed from the …

Visit to a local Aikido Club in Huế

November 1, 2017


After the research & support tour in the city of Huế, I visited a local Aikido club in the evening, as usual when I’m in the area.  Young people, from middle schooler and college kids, were gathering and talking jubilantly and noisily with their mobile phones, and I found out they were talking about Japan’s Anime.  Some of the kids …

Awfulness about the use of mobile phones in poverty areas: Reported from Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State, Myanmar (Burma)

October 31, 2017


 Earlier in 2017, conflicts erupted again in villages near Bangladesh, and the conflicts have resulted in forcing over 500,000 (estimated) Rohingya persons, who are followers of Islam, to become refugees in Bangladesh.  In fact, I witnessed many such refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh during my recent trip to the region.  While AHAN Nippon Kan has remained and will ever remain …

Behind the Scene of Humanitarian Support Activities ~ What I’ve learned through humanitarian support activities.

October 31, 2017


A mother with 27-year-old disabled son on her back, their hardships will continue until it’s time for one of them to pass away.  I saw them at a support supply distribution center among victims of the use of defoliant during the Vietnam War.  The mother and the son cannot hide, but rather have to “expose” their appearances to remain eligible …

A Tragedy of an Endless War

October 23, 2017


With her 27-year-old son on her back while carrying 25-year-old son, the mother must live day-by-day.  Simply going to work is a luxury…. These people are the victims of the use of defoliant during the Vietnam War. Although many assert different claims about these unfortunate people, whose full-time job, as it seems to have become, is to be given the …

AHAN Nippon Kan Activities in Bangladesh

October 22, 2017


I visited Cox’s Bazar and its surrounding region in southeastern Bangladesh to witness humanitarian support activities by Madrasa Orphanage and School for girls based in Dhaka to help a number of Rohingya Refugees.  Nippon Kan has been supporting Madrasa Orphanage and School for girls in Dhaka for the last 10 years, and it’s estimated that there are currently approximately 500,000 …

Organic Farming in a suburb of Hội An, Vietnam

October 21, 2017


  I visited a farm run by Mr. Quoc Tuan who opens his 10-acre or so farm land for those who are interested in organic farming.         The main purpose of the visit was to promote organic farming at the farm to grow scallions (a.k.a. green onion, spring onion and salad onion) in the Karasin (also spelled …

Visit to Bilay House

October 20, 2017


 I paid a visit to Bilay House again with my last visit 3 months ago.  Many children welcomed my visit again, and it was good to see them.  A total of 44 children live together at Bilay House, and among them are 4 high school students, 13 junior high schoolers, 18 grade school kids and 9 kindergarteners.  Also, 5 adults, …

Nepalese Army – Devoted the Most to putting Nippon Kan’s AHAN Credo into Practice

September 16, 2017


 There can be many appearances of Aikido, as it should, in my opinion.  Just like gathering with fellow Aikidoka (Aikidoists ) after practice (keiko) to have a good time with a few drinks and “sake” can be a good aspect of Aikido to foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow Aikidoka, not only to promote a healthy sense of self-esteem …

A visit to Nippon Kan by Nepal’s High-Ranking Military Officers

September 13, 2017


 Nepali Army Rangers Colonel Anup Thapa and Lt. Colonel Sameer Rana came to visit Nippon Kan to attend the Completion Ceremony of the 30-day long Marathon Keiko Seminar to witness the Nepali soldiers’ accomplishments.  Nippon Kan and its advisors and executive members hosted a welcome party for the honorable guests during which Nippon Kan Headquarters presented to them a commemorative …