Editor’s Notes

December 31, 2010


After Homma Kancho returned from his trip to Asia in late October, he took a period of solitude. “Even sumo wrestlers and football player have an off-season. I am an athlete too, even as a 60 year-old senior citizen! Homma Kancho used the time in solitude to reflect on current Nippon Kan operations and in mid-December began to activate improvements …

Nippon Kan “Macho” Garden Party for Senior Members

December 16, 2010


December 16th, 2010 The horns are worn with honor by our most senior member. This year it is Heinz! It has become a tradition at Nippon Kan, that sometime well after the first snowfall, an evening party is held in the garden for senior students and staff. It is rather amusing, having a “macho” garden party in the middle of …

Nippon Kan General Headquarter Youth Program Promotions

December 10, 2010


Dec 18th 2010 Youth Program Instructor Noel Camp and Assistant Instructors Jeff Legwold and Roger Failor are in charge of our growing Nippon Kan Youth Program for our youngest members. In 2010 we saw a dramatic increase in the number of students enrolled in this program with the number of active members rising to over 80. This increase is due …

AHAN Bangladesh Activity Report

December 1, 2010


  The monthly deliveries of 1 ½ tons of rice to the Madrasa Orphanage for girls in the capital city of Dhaka continued September through December 2010. This AHAN Learning Center facility was built with the support of AHAN and houses up to 350 girls. Currently the girls are housed, fed and go to school at the facility and AHAN …

Nepal Army Ranger Activity Report

December 1, 2010


4th Quarter 2010 The following points were reported by Rajesh Bista Sensei, Instructor for Nepal Army Ranger Aikido, headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal. The training of Aikido is being considered for not only all Army Rangers but all Army Troops in Nepal. 40 new students from different Army divisions have joined the Nepal Army Ranger Intensive Aikido Program. Commanding officer reported …

AHAN Turkey Activity Report:; Izmir

December 1, 2010


Reporting from Turkey is Cihan Karaogluol who currently lives in Izmir with his wife Melda and family. Cihan is a Nippon Kan graduate, alumni uchideshi and has served as assistant and otomo to Homma Kancho on seminar trips all over the world. Below is a report written by Cihan about current AHAN activities he and his wife have inspired in …

New Nippon Kan Web Page for Beginning Students under Construction

November 19, 2010


A fresh new Nippon Kan team made up of our younger intermediate members have been working on building a new Aikido web page especially for beginning students. Nippon Kan has a long history and our current website reflects the activities of many generations. To insure that our website is attractive to the needs and trends of young people just beginning …

National Philanthropy Day: Outstanding Volunteer Award

November 12, 2010


November 12, 2010 Homma Kancho was honored on November 12th, 2010 as the winner of the Outstanding Volunteer Award for National Philanthropy Day. This year’s ceremony began with the following words by organizers. “If a community is to be a strong one, then its fabric must be woven together with the threads of generosity.” Each year, on National Philanthropy Day …

Mayors Design Award 2010

November 10, 2010


November 10th, 2010 On November 10th, 2010, Homma Kancho received the Mayor’s Design Award 2010 for outstanding creativity, winning the “Home is Where the Art Is” category for the design and construction of Domo Restaurant and Nippon Kan Culture Center. Both Nippon Kan and Domo were designed and built by hand by Homma Kancho, staff and an “army” of student volunteers. …

Nippon Kan Dojo Halloween Party

October 30, 2010


October 30th, 2010 At Homma Kancho’s suggestion, Nippon Kan’s Halloween party was organized this year by a team of our newer intermediate dojo members. Over 100 people attended the party that had games for the kids, costume contests, music and a wonderful potluck buffet. The dojo was decorated in grand spooky fashion, and the winners of the free raffle went …

Visit to the AHAN Mindanao Learning Center Construction Site

October 17, 2010


October 7th-12th, 2010 Homma Kancho, accompanied by Nippon Kan graduate uchideshi Cihan Karaogluol and Go Suenaga traveled to Illigan City, Mindanao, Philippines this past October to supervise the construction of the new AHAN Mindanao Learning Center. At the time of their arrival, the foundation of the building had been laid and construction of the walls had just begun. With only …

Returning to Japan

October 16, 2010


October 16th-18th, 2010 Homma Kancho visited Japan briefly on his return to the United States to meet with Japanese Nippon Kan graduate uchideshi alumni. A dinner meeting was arranged by all of the former Nippon Kan Japanese uchideshi, many who had been in Denver during the August summer practice marathon. As a great surprise for Homma Kancho, Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan …

A Quick Visit to Korea

October 15, 2010


October 15th-17th, 2010 After meeting with aikidoka in Bangkok, Thailand to discuss future plans for the building of the AHAN Thailand Learning Center, I flew to Korea to visit Ikam Yoon Sensei, President of the Korea Aikido Federation and practice with his student aikidoka in Seoul. It was a warm reunion and I was able to meet and practice again …

Aikido Seminars in Mindanao, Philippines

October 7, 2010


October 7th-12th, 2010 When Homma Kancho and attending uchideshi alumni visited Mindanao, Philippines to supervise the construction of the new AHAN Mindanao Learning Center, they also visited Aikido dojos in Illigan City that Ava Sensei is involved with to teach and work with students in Aikido; an art that is blossoming under the care of Ava Sensei and her dedicated …

Homma Kancho Visits AHAN Myanmar Learning Center

October 2, 2010


October 2nd-6th, 2010 With Homma Kancho’s direct support, the AHAN Myanmar Learning Center moved to a new facility in June of 2010. This past October, Homma Kancho flew to Yangon with Nippon Kan computer expert, Roger Failor to visit the new facility and assess the improvements that have been made over the past few months. The AHAN Learning Center opened …