White Dove Makes a New Home at Nippon Kan


Aug 25th, 2006

Hatako makes herself at home in Homma Kancho’s office.

Hatako makes herself at home in Homma Kancho’s office.

Also located near the Platte River, the Nippon Kan gardens have become quite an oasis in this concrete jungle to much visiting wildlife in the area. The gardens are frequently visited by squirrels, raccoons, neighborhood cats and even a fox or two who usually arrive after 10:00 pm.! Many different birds visit the gardens and the gardens are home to snakes now and then, frogs, fish, dragon flies and even praying mantis.Nippon Kan Headquarters is located near many of the mail thoroughfares through downtown Denver and Denver like most modern metropolitan cities is made of tall buildings and plenty of concrete.

One day in August a new visitor came to the Nippon Kan gardens. Her name is Hatako, and she arrived during dinner time as Domo Restaurant patrons were enjoying their dinners in the Nippon Kan gardens. We were surprised to find Hatako walking calmly on the gravel between the tables pecking at crumbs that might have escaped from the plates on the tables above.

Hatako, (we are not really sure if Hatako is a “he” or a “she”) seemed quite tame, and did not shy away from people who approached her. We were concerned that left in the wild, Hatako would not fare too well, so we brought her inside. Hatako now resides in a beautiful cage filled with the most delectable in Dove cuisine in the Nippon Kan office where she is sunned and allowed to stretch her wings on a daily basis. In the Nippon Kan office, Hatako now serenades (happily I believe) the Nippon Kan staff with her beautiful call.

Everyone seems to like Hatako very much as the new addition to our Nippon Kan family. I think I am a little jealous…

Written by Genbei
Nippon Kan Puppy 3rd Kyu