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AHAN Nippon Kan has been serving free Homeless Meals once a month since 1990.  Following the monthly, members of Aikido Nippon Kan and DOMO restaurant volunteer staffs helped serve this month’s free meals to the homeless, and 220 meals were served.  The total number of meals served to date is now 85,244.

While we serve hundreds of meals every month, the process of serving does not end by finishing serving the meals; we have to make sure the place is clean afterward.  It’s not unusual that trash bins installed on nearby streets and trash bags we bring become full in no time with leftovers and empty containers after having served hundreds of people…


Then we saw a man collecting empty containers and other garbage that were overflownout of trash bins and picking up trash around where people had eaten their meals.  He then dumped the trash into a dumpster.

Out of over 200 people we served on that day, he was the only person who helped us clean the place afterward.  We didn’t ask him help, and he didn’t offer to help, either… Apparently, he just decided impromptu to help clean up the place.  

Since the beginning of this monthly tradition that I started decades ago, he was the first such a person to help in the cleanup in my recollection, and I felt grateful for his kindness.  When I asked for his name, he politely told me his name was Edwin.  

Thank you for your kindness, Edwin, and God Bless!!

AHAN Nippon Kan

Founder – Gaku Homma