Visit to Morocco


February 8-15, 2012


Homma Kancho was invited by Moroccan Aikido Pioneer Alaoui M’Barek Sensei and the Morocco Aikido Federation, La Federation Royale Marocaine D’Aikido, Iaido Affinitaires to teach Aikido in Morocco this past February 2012. Homma Kancho was accompanied by Nippon Kan Instructor Rick Thompson, senior student Madalyn Shalkey from Denver and Nippon Kan graduate alumni uchideshi Cihan Karaogluol from Turkey.

The seminar in Casa Blanca was held at the Olympic Memorial Stadium and Homma Kancho was welcomed warmly by hundreds of Alaoui M’Barek Sensei’s students who served as gracious hosts for the weekend event.

After the seminar in Casa Blanca came to a close, Homma Kancho and party traveled to the world heritage city of Marrakech where Homma Kancho instructed at two affiliated dojos.  One of dojos followed strict Muslim tradition where women were prohibited from practice. This policy took a little adjusting to as Madalyn stayed behind at the hotel. Looking at it positively, the fact that people from very different backgrounds can find commonality through the practice of Aikido is a very powerful opportunity for all of us.

After practice, the group had time to explore the ancient medinas of Marrakech.

Thank you very much to all of our hosts for their hospitality.

The Morocco Aikido Federation founded by Alaoui M’Barek Sensei was associated with Aikikai Headquarters in Japan for many decades.  A few years ago they changed their affiliation and were registered with the Moroccan government in tandem with the Judo Association. Most recently, The Morocco Aikido Federation became fully independent and government registered as La Federation Royale Marocaine D’Aikido, Iaido Affinitaires. Today Alaoui Sensei’s organization has over 4000 students and with Homma Kancho’s recommendation is working to reunite alliance with Aikikai through Aikido Kobayashi Dojocho, Hiroaki Kobayashi Sensei. At the end of June, Hiroaki Kobayashi Sensei will be coming to Morocco to hold a seminar with the Morocco Aikido Federation.

Homma Kancho’s smile is known around the word, this time in Marrakech!

Homma Kancho’s smile is known around the word, this time in Marrakech!

Homma Kancho’s policy for Nippon Kan is one of independence.  Nippon Kan has remained an independent dojo since 1978.  However, Homma Kancho advises that each dojo do what is best for them, and this was the advice he had for the Morocco Aikido Federation as well.

Homma Kanchos Seminar Demonstrations in Morocco 2009-2012

Written by
Nippon Kan Instructor
Salida Yama Dojo
Rick Thompson Dojocho