Uchideshi News


written by Uchideshi coordinator Jim Haugen

From left Matsuo, Hector, Joshua uchideshi team.

From left Matsuo, Hector, Joshua uchideshi team.

Three students will be graduating from Nippon Kan’s uchideshi program this term. Joshua Kemery, Hector Cid and Take Matsuo. All three survived to complete a semester in the coldest winter conditions Colorado has had to offer in many years.

After graduation Joshua will be returning to college here in Colorado. Hector, who is from Mexico City, will be returning to his home dojo run by his brother, AHAN Mexico Coordinator Fernando Roman Sensei. Hector was valiant in his efforts as a Nippon Kan uchideshi who I think had the hardest time with the cold. Hector will be graduating from the Nippon Kan uchideshi program with honors for his hard work and diligence. Take Matsuo is a student from the highly prestigious Kyoto University, in Kyoto, Japan. There Take was the captain of the Kyoto University Aikido club of which he was a highly skilled Aikidoist and strong leader. After finishing his stay at Nippon Kan, Take will be returning to Kyoto for his university graduation ceremonies later this spring.

For us at Nippon Kan it was very refreshing and enjoyable to have Take here in Denver from Japan. Everyone is welcome to come and practice at Nippon Kan, and that includes young Japanese Aikidoka who are welcome to stay to practice at Nippon Kan for any extended period. Link here to a report to written by Take Matsuo about his experiences at Nippon Kan (written in Japanese). Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.