To Everyone in support of AHAN Bilay House


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Every one of us at Bilay House wishes you a joyous Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year!

Homma Kancho was invited to a nearby city this year again!

People, including children, of the Karen ethnicity from Myanmar live on the other side of border in Thailand for many different reasons, and they are not allowed to move freely outside of the designated residential area without a special permission.  They can apply for such special permissions through schools and/or regional government offices.

And we, a group of 52 including my family, Bilay House staffs and 3 school teachers and a bunch of children, enjoyed our day in the city with Homma Kancho.  The children gained precious firsthand experience to manage their allowances, donated by AHAN Nippon Kan through Homma Kancho, responsibly to go shopping for Christmas as well as to enjoy a day of outing to play games, etc., all of which is an extraordinary experience for every child.  As it is very rare for these children to go shopping even for daily necessities or simply enjoy an outing in a city, they all enjoyed the day very much!

May the Lord bless everyone at AHAN Nippon Kan and everybody else who support AHAN Bilay House.  Merry Christmas to all of you!

AHAN Bilay House

Pastor Bilay

Comments from Homma Kancho:

This year-end event for the children & the staffs at the Bilay House before Christmas has been an annual event, partly as a field trip for the children at the Bilay House to be exposed to the outside environment that they are not accustomed to and to prepare them for when they have to be on their own after graduating from middle school or high school.