Small Aikido Demonstrations in a historic town of Soragna in the province of Parma of northern Italy


A scenery from a Spring Festival is of a small group of 5 Aikido enthusiasts.

While not winning much attention from festival goers who were merely passing by, they were doing Aikido demonstrations eagerly and earnestly.

Their such dedication will eventually lead to the growth of their Dojo.

I wish them well very much from the bottom of my heart! 

I’ve been through what they are going through to come to where I am today.

Perhaps this type of commitment and dedication is the most important ‘basic skill (基本技 = Kihon Waza)’ that we must never forget.

These photos are from about 40 years ago when we often practiced in a nearby park on weekends because the Dojo we had then was sometimes too small for a class size.  Practicing in a park was also good PR demonstration opportunities.