Shudo Maruyama, Founder of Kokikai Aikido Visits Nippon Kan


November 15-17, 2005
Shudo Maruyama Sensei, accompanied by seven of his students from the East Coast, visited Nippon Kan this past November 15-17th, 2005. Over 100 students from Nippon Kan attended the one evening clinic taught by Maruyama Sensei on November 16th. To experience Maruyama Sensei’s unique teaching method was an interesting experience for Nippon Kan students, and everyone enjoyed the experience very much.

Click here for other articles written by Homma Kancho about Maruyama Sensei:Collecting antiques is a passion of Maruyama Sensei’s, and Homma Kancho spent the day with Maruyama Sensei roaming through the many antique stores in Denver. Homma Kancho also took the occasion to interview Maruyama Sensei about the history of Aikido in the United States in the 1960’s for an article he has been researching. Maruyama Sensei was a wealth of information on the subject which will be an important resource for Homma Kancho’s upcoming article.

With Shudo Maruyama Sensei. Cold Sake and Sensei’s Lessons.
The Silent Pioneer: Shudo Maruyama Sensei, Kokikai Founder.