Rigorous Keiko, Joyful Days


Comrades who endured the same long term training… They all went back home as the summer came to an end. Although they had free time after the morning keiko (practice) sessions on Saturdays and Sundays, they didn’t go out much but mostly rested to recuperate for another round of rigorous keiko endeavors that was sure to begin again on the following Monday. These photos are from the precious free time the uchideshi comrades enjoyed together.

Hiromi Matsuoka Sensei, who is on a longer-term training program, was washing bed linens for her comrades, who could not finish washing for they had to leave for home very early in the morning, to prepare for the next year.

The Dojo has quietened down, and a seemingly weakened grasshopper showed up in front of the Dojo as if to tell us the end of the summer has come… Much kudos and a big salute to everyone for your dedication and hard work!