Returning to Japan


October 16th-18th, 2010

A wonderful surprise visit by Kobayashi Shihan

A wonderful surprise visit by Kobayashi Shihan

Homma Kancho visited Japan briefly on his return to the United States to meet with Japanese Nippon Kan graduate uchideshi alumni. A dinner meeting was arranged by all of the former Nippon Kan Japanese uchideshi, many who had been in Denver during the August summer practice marathon. As a great surprise for Homma Kancho, Yasuo Kobayashi Shihan and Dojocho joined the dinner party after attending a meeting of his own in the area! The reunion was a cheerful event, marked notably by Homma Kancho and Kobayashi Shihan comparing hand and leg sizes! “When Kobayashi Shihan came to Denver to teach at Nippon Kan, we were all so surprised by the size of Kobayashi Shihan’s hands and legs! No wonder his technique is so powerful”…”and with legs like that, no wonder Shihan’s suwarewaza (kneeling technique) is so outstanding!” remarked Homma Kancho.

After Kobayashi Shihan bid his farewells, the party continued well into the night. “That is what I am told any way” said Homma Kancho, “My recollection is a little fuzzy”.

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Authors note:
The size of Homma Sensei’s legs are famous in their own right, but it has long been told that Kobayashi Shihan’s legs got that big doing rabbit jumps around the Yamamote Train line in Tokyo…