Philippine Mindanao AHAN Nippon Kan Coordinator Report


March 23rd, 2015

Ahan Mindanao students organized and served a food service at the Dalipuga Day Care Center. This day care center focuses on children from families in distress. The children were very happy and even sang a song for us!

Serving food to the children of Dalipuga Day Care Center

Sept 8th, 2014

Competitors from all over Mindanao Island gather for the Dragon Boat Festival competitions. The 20 member Illigan City team received training for the festival events at the AHAN Mindanao dojo. Their training course was developed from Nippon Kan General Headquarter uchideshi training and was very physically challenging. Everyone met the challenge and completed the training successfully.

June 10th, 2014

AHAN Mindanao Learning Center plays a very active and positive role in their community. Through the many AHAN activities of AHAN Mindanao, the local people get to know and understand the philosophy of the Aikido that is practiced there. Especially parents in the area are very supportive of the center and all of its activities. One of our recent projects was the refurbishment of a local children’s support facility. Here we fixed the fences and painted the walls and playground too.

Fixing the fences

Oct 22, 2014

AHAN Mindanao contines to support the migrant Badjao tribes people who have settled near Illigan. The AHAN New Hope Center built by AHAN helps serve this community with donated food and used clothing from AHAN Mindanao.

Report by

Nippon Kan General Headquarters Graduate Uchideshi
AHAN Mindanao Correspondent
Michael Caumban