Catastrophes Have a Way to Haunt Us When We Least Expect Them.

April 25, 2018


On April 25, 2015, Nepal earthquake of 2015, also called Gorkha earthquake, which registered a moment magnitude of 7.8, struck near the city of Kathmandu in central Nepal.  The death toll from the catastrophe reached over 8,500 with over 20,000 people injured.  Many World Heritage sites in the region sustained various degrees of damages as well. Since Aikido Nippon Kan …

Congratulations! for the 30th Year Anniversary for International Enshin Karate!

April 22, 2018


  A jubilant and energetic anniversary celebration event was held to commemorate the 30th year milestone since the founding of International Enshin Karate by Joko Ninomiya Kancho. A celebratory reception was held at DOMO Japanese Country Foods Restaurant with over 100 people from all over the world in attendance to respect and celebrate the Enshin Karate founder, Joko Ninomiya Kancho’s …

Welcome Enshin Karate Team from Japan for the 2018 WORLD SABAKI CHALLENGE

April 20, 2018


   A team of 15 Enshin Karate members from Japan stayed at Nippon Kan again this year to participate in this year’s WORLD SABAKI CHALLENGE which will take place on April 21. Tetsuji Hayashi Sensei, a team leader and the Head Master of Enshin Karate Japan, was an uchideshi at Enshin Karate Headquarters in Denver from 1992 for 3 years, …

Welcome to Denver! ​How many Aikido techniques can you come up with from looking at the Sculpture???

March 23, 2018


“Irimi Nage”, “Shiho Nage”, “Kote Gaeshi”, “Ushiro Tekubi Tori”, and probably many, many more…   Aikido Nippon Kan is only less than a mile to the southwest from where the sculpturein the photo stands. A well-known Japanese Country Food Restaurant DOMO is also located on the same property. Please come check us out whenever you are in the greater Denver …

For this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8: Girls Mentorship and Awareness Workshop

March 21, 2018


​Nepalese Army Aikido members (led by ANTC Aikido Nippon Kan Training Center (ANTC) Dan Gurung Head Instructor of Nepalese Army Rangers) are getting involved with various AHAN activities on top of and in-between regularly scheduled hard practices. ​The photo(s) are from when they held “Girls Mentorship and Awareness Workshop” to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day. ​Nepalese Army Rangers ANTC …

The Legacy of Mr. Stanley Pranin

March 20, 2018


     Nowadays, all kinds of information are accessible from our hand-held mobile devices.  Information related to Aikido is no exception.  A wide spectrum of information, from texts, still images and video clips is available.  And even in a category of videos alone, there are hard-core & flamboyant styles of Aikido on one side and ‘no-touch’ styles of Aikido on …

What are you looking for…???

March 20, 2018


AHAN Nippon Kan has been serving free Homeless Meals once a month since 1990.  Following the monthly, members of Aikido Nippon Kan and DOMO restaurant volunteer staffs helped serve this month’s free meals to the homeless, and 220 meals were served.  The total number of meals served to date is now 85,244. While we serve hundreds of meals every month, …

Nippon Kan Aikido Seminars to commemorate Nepal’s Army Day

March 12, 2018


Aikido Nippon Kan’s Homma Kancho visits 4 regiments. Nepali Army Rangers’ ANTC (Aikido Nippon Kan Training Center), de-facto standard Nepali Army’s Aikido Headquarter, led by Dan Gurung, Nepali Army’s Chief Aikido Instructor & an Aikido instructor acknowledged by Aikido Nippon Kan U.S. Headquarters, train 100+ Aikido instructor-candidates annually through a training regimen of 6 hours of training per day for …

Memorable Photos of Morihiro Saito Shihan in 1995

March 11, 2018


      We just finished an Aikido Seminar with much success the day before, and late MorihiroSaito Shihan (“Morihiro Shihan”, hereafter) and we were going to leave for a hot spring in the Rocky Mountains in the morning. ​Morihiro Shihan woke up at 7:00AM as usual, showed up in the living room and came into the kitchen…  He grabbed …

Nippon Kan Aikido’s Guidance on “Suwari Waza” & “Break-fall Ukemi”

February 9, 2018


Let me state the conclusion first: Practicing “suwari waza座り技” is hard on the knees, and it can be abusive to the structure and normal functions of knees.  Therefore, Nippon Kan stopped the practice of “suwari waza” about 25 years ago.  Aikido Nippon Kan does not promote or encourage practicing “break-fall ukemi離れ飛び受け身”, either. Wearing joint support sleeves in the locker room …


January 26, 2018


AHAN NIPPON KAN has been not only supporting children in different regions in Asia but also supporting & encouraging young women for their progress in society. ​Monthly membership dues from AHAN Nippon Kan Aikido Children’s Classes (aka Youth Program) are used to fund various humanitarian support activities, such as the provisions of free meals, educational materials and medical supplies, for …

Where should Children be Guided To?

January 23, 2018


Photos from a field trip. ​Aikido Nippon Kan had visited almost all the elementary and middle schools in the Greater Denver area about 40 years ago to do Aikido demonstrations and to offer school children an educational opportunity about Japanese cultures and a Budo of Aikido from Japan, when even the word “Aikido” was not commonly recognized.  On a busy …

The First Meal Service in 2018

January 21, 2018


On a snowy day, a rainy day or an extremely hot day…, Or, on a day we feel exhausted and hopeless, devastated by a natural disaster…, Or, on a day when bullets fly over our heads…, Or, on a normal day after having done a day’s work…, We All Get Hungry. Hearty meals give us hope and a sense of …