Note from the Editing Staff


Nippon Kan is a busy place, and there are usually many activities in progress at the same time at Nippon Kan both at home and internationally.  My editing desk is piled high with reports and information on ongoing projects and it seems like before one project is finished the next one begins! We have trouble keeping up with all of the website updates, so I wanted to apologize that sometimes our updates are a little late!

We do realize the importance of documenting all of our various projects so that the many people who support these projects both home and away can see what progress is being made. We realize the obligation we have to keep informed all of those (including members of other dojos) who have worked so hard to make all of these projects a reality.

Thank you for your patience!

Written by So Yoda
Nippon Kan Editing Staff


Always On the Go!

Homma Kancho never seems to stop moving. One minute he is teaching class, the next he is cooking in the Domo kitchen. “Where is Sensei?” “He’s out of the country again!” is a common reply.

We finally caught up with Homma Sensei catching a snack between projects in the Domo kitchen!
So busy, Homma Kancho barely has time to eat!

*permission by Homma Kancho was granted to use this photo.

written by Jason

Homma Kancho finally takes a moment to eat. So busy

Homma Kancho finally takes a moment to eat. So busy