Nippon Kan End-of-Year-New Year Activities


Dec 30, 2005 – Jan 4th 2006

A lot of people turned out for the New Year welcome party!

A lot of people turned out for the New Year welcome party!

Nippon Kan’s annual end-of-year activities are a yearly tradition. A summary of this years events are chronicled below:

Dec 30th, 2005 Keiko Osame (Last Practice of the Year).

The dojo was full of students who came to Nippon Kan for the last practice of 2005. After practice everyone gathered in a circle on the mat to eat, drink and reminisce about practice and events of the year now passing.

Dec 31st, 2005 Susu Harai (End of Year Dojo Cleaning).
Homma Kancho led the crew of uchideshi in cleaning the dojo from top to bottom and decorating Nippon Kan in traditional red and white for the New Year. At 11:00 pm. Homma Kancho performed Toshi Koshi Keiko (Practice from the Old Year to the New) in a private ceremony.

Jan 3rd, 2006 Nippon Kan Annual New Year Party.
Over 250 students, family members and friends came to the dojo to welcome in the New Year with a festive potluck party complete with a live Polka band! The party was also catered by Domo Restaurant and had an open sushi bar. Over 1,200 pieces of sushi and 100 sushi rolls disappeared quickly as party-goers enjoyed all of the delicacies of the evening.

Jan 4th, 2006 Keiko Hajime (Opening Practice of the Year)

Most all of Nippon Kan students were present for this special ceremony and opening class. Senior advisors imparted words of wisdom to students for the coming year before promotions and staff positions were awarded. Homma Kancho inspired everyone present with his New Years speech, “Walking Firmly on the Ground”, link here.