Nippon Kan Aikido Seminars to commemorate Nepal’s Army Day


Aikido Nippon Kan’s Homma Kancho visits 4 regiments.

Nepali Army Rangers’ ANTC (Aikido Nippon Kan Training Center), de-facto standard Nepali Army’s Aikido Headquarter, led by Dan Gurung, Nepali Army’s Chief Aikido Instructor & an Aikido instructor acknowledged by Aikido Nippon Kan U.S. Headquarters, train 100+ Aikido instructor-candidates annually through a training regimen of 6 hours of training per day for 10 months.  Approximately 50 apprentice instructors have completed the instructor training program to date, and they have been dispatched to different regiments throughout Nepal as well as to the Nepal’s U.N. Peacekeepers Unit.

Additionally, since the founding of the WWY (We are With You) Project, for which AHAN Nippon Kan played an integral role with support from the Nepalese Army after the April 2015 Nepal earthquake to promote healthy development of youngsters in Nepal, including orphans from the earthquake, over 300 youngsters have enrolled in the project, and about 50 are signed up in a leadership training program.  Upon the completion of the program, these leadership candidates are to be dispatched throughout Nepal to proliferate WWY activities to support youngsters in Nepal.

It must also be mentioned that memorial parties were held for Emily sensei by those whose lives had been and are still being positively affected by her legacy to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of Emily sensei’s departure from our world.

Nepalese Army ANTC K-9 Dojo