New Nippon Kan Web Page for Beginning Students under Construction


A fresh new Nippon Kan team made up of our younger intermediate members have been working on building a new Aikido web page especially for beginning students. Nippon Kan has a long history and our current website reflects the activities of many generations. To insure that our website is attractive to the needs and trends of young people just beginning their practice of Aikido, the idea for this page was born. This page will use current media communication methods and concentrate on quick answers to questions and subjects that younger beginning students are interested in. Our new Nippon Kan team is in charge of creating this new web page that will link to our main website.

The new web page is under construction and is scheduled to be read in early 2011. Please visit our web site at: Welcome to Aikido Nippon Kan Quick Info & Beginners Classes Click Here. also Visit Us On Facebook by clicking here.