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Nepal Ranger WWY Meal Service Project
Kathmandu February 3rd, 2017

On February 3rd, 2017, the Nepal Ranger AHAN WWY (We’re with You) project held a meal service for senior citizens housed at the Pashupatinath Briddhashram in Kathmandu.

Nepal Ranger Commanding Officers, Ranger Instructors and the children of the Ranger WWY program prepared and served the meal to elders in need with a care and respect that was met with smiles and tears on both sides.

The Ranger WWY program was created by AHAN after the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. This program led by WO2 Dhan Gurung, continues to serve hundreds of children affected by the earthquake, by teaching them self reliance, confidence and community involvement through Aikido, physical training exercise, emergency response procedures and community volunteer projects.

At this meal service project the WWY Kids played an important role in feeding the elderly that needed assistance. A great lesson of love, caring and sharing for both the young and the old involved in the project this day.

AHAN’s support of the Nepal Ranger WWY programs will continue through 2017.

Meal Service for seniors in need at Pashupatinath Briddhashram in Kathmandu.

Participating Nepal Ranger Officers, Instructors and the kids of Nepal Ranger AHAN WWY.

Written by
AHAN Nepal Coordinator
Nepal Ranger Lead Aikido Instructor
WO2 Dhan Gurung