Nepal Ranger ANTC Instructor Cadet Annual Fall Evaluation (Soran) Gaku Homma Nippon Kan Kancho’s Review


The 8th class of 40 Nepal Ranger Aikido Instructor Cadets participated in training review with Gaku Homma, Nippon Kan Kancho who visited Nepal October 25th-27th, 2016 for this Fall Evaluation Review. This is the 8th class of Nepal Ranger Instructors who have graduated from the Ranger ANTC Instructor level training courses.

On October 26th, the Ranger Instructor Cadets and members of the Ranger WWY Youth program  performed demonstrations for Homma Kancho and Mr, Yadomi Toshio First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Nepal, Mr, Masafumi Inoue, Volunteer Coordinator and Mr, Sushil Bhattachan, Chief Advisor for JICA.(Japan International Cooperation Agency) in Nepal.

Embassy and JICA staff came to the ANTC – AHAN Nepal Training Center to learn more about how the Rangers have been incorporating the practice of the Japanese Martial Art of Aikido in their training first hand. Nippon Kan Aikido practice is currently used in Nepal Ranger special training and as part of basic training throughout the Nepalese Army and the Nepal Ranger WWY program created by Homma Kancho with the Nepal Ranger Instructors to support the children displaced by the great Nepal earthquake in April 2015.

The Nepal Rangers are active in United Nations Peace Keeping activities around the world. Many of this 8th class of Ranger cadets will be dispatched to other countries to serve as UN Peacekeepers. They will also serve as future Aikido instructors for other Rangers at the UN Training Center before they leave on their assignments.


Homma Kancho also paid a visit to a school on this visit in Kathmandu that suffered severe damage in the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. This school has been supported by AHAN Ranger WWY programs for the last year. On this visit Homma Kancho contributed with additional donations to help the school children and their new “Clean Up Campaign”. This campaign was initiated by Homma Kancho and the Rangers to help remove and contain a severe trash problem in the area around the school and the surrounding neighborhood. Teaching the children that trash is bad for the neighborhoods and that everyone can take part in keeping Nepal beautiful and clean is one of the missions of this WWY support activity.