Message of Appreciation


It was very nice to see so many friends from near, far and overseas attended
Emily Busch’s “Celebration of Life (Shinobu-kai)” event held on Saturday, April 15, 2017 at Nippon-kan and Domo. I wish to extend my appreciation to all who came to pay their respect. I am certain that Emily would have been quite happy with the turn out.

Following Sunday, we carried out our monthly Food Drive for Homeless, and we received kind words of condolences from many homeless individuals who came to know Emily through their monthly meeting.

Emily devoted 32 years of her life on practice of Aikido, of which she taught for 20 years. So, we conducted a “Memorial Workshop of Aikido” in the afternoon of the same day.

And we received so many warm and thoughtful messages of condolences. I would very much like to visit and thank each one of you who had come to the celebration or sent the messages, but it is not possible. So, let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you all on the Internet.

If I was not able to greet all who came to pay respect, or if I wasn’t able to meet your expectation, it must be because of confusion from multiple events taking place simultaneously, so please accept my apology.

Please understand that your generous donations will be spent as a financial support to an appropriate organization(s), after a thorough evaluation. I will advise you when we decide on which organization(s) will receive a financial support(s) from the donation.

April 20, 2017

Gaku Homma, Founder
AHAN Nippon-Kan