Letter from Dharmarajika Orphanage


August 10, 2006

Ms Emily Busch
Hon’ble President
Nippon Kan AHAN

Dear President,

Kindly know our heartfelt greetings and thanks.
The Ven’ble Mahathero has just returned from a trip to Japan. He was there
to attend a conference of World Religions for Peace. It was held in Kyoto
city. He conveys to you and Founder Homma Sensei his thankful greetings for the kind attention you have cast towards his orphanage children. This has been a very important
contribution towards the orphanage. As members of the orphanage we all convey our gratitude to Homma Sensei and you.

We have received the photographs of your visit to our Dharmarajika orphanage from Mr. Al Majee. Thanks for these. Hope we shall soon hear from you.


Sunil K Barua
General Secretary

Dharmarajika Orphanage.