Japanese Consul Mitsui Returns to Japan


October 13th, 2012

Consul Koji Mitsui of the Consulate General of Japan at Denver was reassigned in October to Consulate General Headquarters in Japan after 4 years of duty in Denver.

Consul Mitsui served the community well during his years in Denver, participating through action in front line projects all over the metro area. His service was admirable as he set an example in community relations; a public servant in deeds and actions, not just in name only.

Consul Mitsui and his son Kenichi were regular Nippon Kan volunteers and Consul Mitsui attended almost every monthly meal service at the Denver Rescue Mission while he was in Denver. He also participated in many spring and fall Nippon Kan volunteer projects with the Denver Parks Department and even joined Nippon Kan members in fundraising bowling tournament events!

Many thanks to Consul Mitsui and his family and best wishes from Nippon Kan.

Written by
Nippon Kan General Headquarters President
Captain Doug Kelly