Homma Sensei’s Opening Speech (summary)


International Concert Series 2006 Turkey

“The drum is here. The drum rests on the stand below it, and is played with these drumsticks”.

How do we make the best music with this drum? Do we place the drum on the ground and hit it with the stand? This would not be correct, and might damage the drum. Do we place the drumstick on top of the stand and hit it with the drum? This also would not be correct, and no beautiful sound would be made.

The drum, the drum stand, and the drumsticks, each has a special function and a certain place. Together, with them in their correct position and order, we can make music.

Long, long ago in Japan, Japanese people used the phrase; “Yamato no Kuni” when referring to their homeland of Japan. The phrase means “a country of great harmony”, and in Japan harmony has held great value for the Japanese people.

Our world today is made up of many different cultures, religions and styles of living.
We can make peace in this world the same way all of these different drums can make powerful music together. Each drum has its own unique sound and its own special place in a great harmony.

Peace for mankind is the same. Respect for each culture, religion and lifestyle and respect for the DIFFERENCES between them make for peace and harmony. One philosophy or one culture or one religion should not determine what is correct for all. This does not make for harmony in our world.

The drummers who will perform for you this evening all have livelihoods outside of playing the drums. They bring with them different experiences and different understanding. Together they make incredible harmony and powerful music.

I hope everyone will enjoy the wonderful power and rhythm of the Matsukawa Kyougaku Taiko Drummers, here for you this evening from Nagano, Japan!