Homma Kancho Visits AHAN Myanmar Learning Center


October 2nd-6th, 2010


With Homma Kancho’s direct support, the AHAN Myanmar Learning Center moved to a new facility in June of 2010. This past October, Homma Kancho flew to Yangon with Nippon Kan computer expert, Roger Failor to visit the new facility and assess the improvements that have been made over the past few months.

Girls studying at the AHAN Myanmar Learning Center

Girls studying at the AHAN Myanmar Learning Center

The AHAN Learning Center opened for classes within weeks of moving to the new facility, and by the time of this visit, there were already about 40 full time students enrolled and attending classes daily. Gifted students from outside of Yangon have a place to live at the AHAN Myanmar Learning Center where dormitory housing is available for girls and boys; no matter their ability to pay for their accommodations.

Myanmar is a country made up of many tribes with different historical and cultural backgrounds. Myanmar’s future; like all counties in the world, lies in its young people, and one of the Learning Centers goals is to provide quality education to young people of all tribes and backgrounds. This is the best way Homma Kancho feels that AHAN can contribute best, in our small way, to the future development of the people of Myanmar.

 Homma Kancho and Roger with the children at the Yadanapon Orphanage.

On this visit, Homma Kancho also visited the Yadanapon Temple Orphanage, delivering rice, medical and other daily supplies. Homma Kancho and AHAN have been donating rice monthly at the Yadanapon Orphanage for the last two years.

Written by
AHAN Myanmar Coordinator
Nilar Than