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Free Practice for Children

July 22nd, 2011 Report

One to two times every week, underprivileged children in Izmir come to my dojo to attend aikido classes and to be helpful to their parents, I teach these children’s classes at no charge. These special practice times have become a favorite activity for these children who seem to enjoy immensely their weekly visits at the dojo.

Homma Kancho’s Books Translated and Published in Turkey

August 1st, 2011 Report

The Structure of Aikido written by Homma Kancho was translated and published with the help of Megumi Machi, co-owner with her husband Bejihi of a historical Turkish bookstore in Istanbul. Megumi and her husband also supported the translation of Homma Kancho’s “Aikido for Life” a few years ago. Megumi Machi also serves as AHAN Turkey Istanbul Coordinator.


Van, East Turkey Earthquake Disaster Relief Support

Nov 8th, 2011 Report

Over 600 people were killed in the earthquake in Eastern Turkey in late October. Students at our dojo and their parents collected supplies to send to survivors in the area.

Activity for Earthquake of Turkey

Activity for Earthquake of Turkey

Written by
AHAN Turkey Izmir Coordinator
Cihan Karaogluol