From the Editor




There have been many projects and activities at Nippon Kan both at home and abroad already this year and it is hard to believe that it is May! While we work to complete these 2010 activity report updates for the website, the Nippon Kan garden is in bloom. Today the Nippon Kan garden is alive with the beauty of cherry, crabapple and lilac trees and bushes that have grown tall and strong over the years; quite a change from the asphalt parking lot that was here before us.

Having just returned from his travels, Homma Kancho announced, “I need to fix my jet lag. The best remedy is a new construction project!” With that, the demolition began as Homma Kancho began to build a new storage area for Domo Restaurant, a new office lay out for Nippon Kan staff and to finish things off, he turned part of the attic into a new traditional Japanese room.

Homma Kancho moves like a rocket when he is motivated, but using an electric saw at 2:00 am is no longer recommended; a late night trip to the emergency room proved that! Homma Kancho commented, “I must be getting old, when we built this dojo 14 years ago, working through the night was a piece of cake…”

New second floor Japanese room. Seats about 15!

New second floor Japanese room. Seats about 15!

When Homma Kancho visited Morocco this past February, the country was celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed V. Every day of his visit, he was invited to join celebration after celebration in the homes of host families and friends. He came back marveling about how important and valuable the experience was for him. Homma Kancho talked to students after his return and related, “To see entire families dancing, singing and enjoying festival feasts left quite an impression on me. Especially, since according to Muslim law, no one was drinking…