Fly around the Earth 40+ times for One Million Miler Status


Nippon Kan Founder Homma sensei has recently been awarded One Million Miler Status by United Airlines!  This means he has flown around the Earth more than 40 times for AHAN Humanitarian Support Activities and Nippon Kan Aikido Seminars.

Considering the number of countries he has visited and the frequency of his travels in support of various AHAN and Nippon Kan Aikido activities coupled with the fact that he has also flown by non-UA affiliated airlines both internationally and regionally, the total of his flight miles to date far exceeds 1,000,000 miles!

Hats off to Homma sensei for his energy and tenacity to continue taking actions to practice what he preaches, i.e. to apply Nippon Kan Aikido and its credo in the context of our society.  Congratulations, Homma sensei!

                Captain Doug Kelly

           United Airlines

           AHAN Nippon Kan Board Advisor


     AHAN Nippon Kan Board of Directors