Enshin Karate Verses Aikido Nippon Kan


June 10th, 2012     


We lost. It was the 17th year Nippon Kan has held a tournament with Enshin Karate, and this year we lost. In 17 years, Nippon Kan has won this tournament 11 years and Enshin has won 6 years. This annual tournament between Enshin Karate and Aikido Nippon Kan has been of course, a bowling tournament!

In past years, we have held an advantage, but this year Enshin had a lot of young power that won the day!

See you next year!

See you next year!

Ninomiya Kancho and Homma Kancho have been friends since they both came to Denver over 30 years ago. These days both are busy teaching all over the world and the chances to spend time together are rare. These friendly tournaments are a good opportunity to catch up and both Ninomiya Kancho and Homma Kancho enjoy the day.

Homma Kancho mused after this year’s staggering defeat…”I guess we have to lose once in a while”…

Written by
Nippon Kan Bowling Team Leader
Madalyn Shalkey