Chiang Mai, Thailand University Friendship Practice


December 12th -15th, 2014


The Chiang Mai University Aikido Instructors are all current or retired professors, doctors or high level professionals, rendering the academic level of understanding of budo and their practice level of the Japanese martial art of Aikido at Chiang Mai University very high.

My new relationship with the Chiang Mai University Aikido Club began when I found an article I had written translated to Thai on their University Aikido club blog. After a gracious invitation I came to Thailand to visit the historical city of Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai University for a friendship visit. I was able to visit 4 dojos in the Chiang Mai area and learned many things from the experience.

The leaders of the Chiang Mai University Aikido programs not only organize Aikido classes for their students, they also support many youth support and development programs for children in the Chiang Mai area. Sombat Tapanya Sensei is currently a leader of the Imjai House and the Community of Peace Foundation which runs the “’Helping Thai Kids to Get Aikido Black Belt’ Project”, a popular project in Chiang Mai.

All of the students I met at the dojos in Chiang Mai University were very well mannered and practiced diligently. Student actions are always a reflection of the instructor and in Chiang Mai their manners were an indication of the fine instruction they were receiving. I would name all of the dojos, but I was told that since Chiang Mai is such a popular tourist destination that sometimes they receive strange visitors. Therefore the dojo names have been withheld for privacy.
















With all students in Chiang Mai

As an independent instructor I very much appreciated the warm welcome I received from all Chiang Mai University instructors and students. I am grateful to Thai Aikikai Head Shihan Motohiro Fukakusa Sensei for also granting me official permission to visit Chiang Mai.

Accompanying me on this trip was AHAN Nippon Kan Mindanao staff and Aikido Nippon Kan General Headquarters Graduate Uchideshi Michael Caumban.

Report by
Gaku Homma
Nippon Kan Kancho