Armando’s Dream to Visit the United States Comes True


Aug 28-Sept 11, 2006

 Armando, Nippon Kan Kancho, Gaku Homma and Ahan President Emily Busch in the Nippon Kan gardens.

Armando, Nippon Kan Kancho, Gaku Homma and Ahan President Emily Busch in the Nippon Kan gardens.

Armando finally arrived from Nicaragua at Nippon Kan headquarters in Denver, Colorado on August 28th, 2006. It took two years to overcome both Armando’s medical conditions and immigration obstacles to finally make this dream come true.

Armando Lopez Espinoza is a twenty-three year old law student who has been battling cancer for the last five years. Two years ago, while Homma Kancho was in Nicaragua teaching a seminar, he first met Armando. Homma Kancho was impressed with Armando’s sincerity, determination and positive attitude. Armando told Homma Kancho during his visit to Nicaragua that it was his dream to see America, and with Homma Kancho’s, AHAN and Nippon Kan students help, two years later this dream finally came true.

Armando had first been invited to visit Nippon Kan in the summer of 2005, but his medical condition became unstable and he was rendered unable to travel. AHAN Nippon Kan headquarters sponsored Dr. Ray Howe to visit Armando in Nicaragua to check on his medical status.

Funds for Armando’s airfare and other special travel expenses were raised with two special AHAN t-shirt fundraising campaign, and thanks to the support of Nippon Kan members, about 200 t-shirts sold out quickly in support of this effort. During Armando’s visit in Denver, many members and friends donated their time to take Armando on field trips and family visits, especially on excursions that related to Armando’s study of law. Many thanks to everyone who participated in this experience. A list of activities, our own volunteer host staff and a photo essay is included in Homma Kancho’s article about  Armando’s visit “A Gift of Time from a Special Young Man”

Written by Emily Busch