Aikido practice in the city of Huế in Vietnam


Every time we come to Huế, we join this local Aikido group for practice.  Although I still don’t know clearly what the name of their dojo is, they are always welcoming, and they are good-natured fellow Aikidoists.


Practicing at this dojo reminds me of the days from 40-some years ago when I started a dojo in Denver with such a small number of students while I was struggling not only to communicate but to have enough to eat for the day.  Nippon Kan as it stands today started from zero with much support and help from many, many people.  I shall never forget this fact.


Participating in a keiko (practice) session with Aikidoists at the dojo in Huế is “Kihon Waza = basic techniques” for my life in the U.S.


Thank You for letting us practice with you again.