Aiki Shrine Grand Ceremony


April 29, 2017, Iwama Japan, Founder of the Nippon Kan, Gaku Homma sensei’s Visit to Japan

Cherry blossoms were in full bloom in my hometown Akita

I paid homage again to AIKI Shrine in Iwama, Japan, and to the Iwama Dojo during AIKI Shrine’s annual Grand Ceremony. The Iwama Dojo is the alma mater dojo of mine.

After having paid homage to the Founder of Aikido, I visited the Dojo of the Late Morihiro Saito sensei to participate in a gathering to respect and celebrate the achievements of the late Aikido pioneers who devoted their lives to teach Aikido and to broaden the reach and the popularity of Aikido.

I joined Yasuo Kobayashi Master Shihan of Aikikai Aikido Kobayashi Dojo, his son Hiroaki Kobayashi Dojocho (president) of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo and others to pay our respect to the spirits and the souls of the late Aikido pioneers to appreciate their life-long services and contributions to Aikido.

While the average age of the comrades has gotten higher, the spirit shared among us is still the same as we had it in the olden days!