AHAN Nippon Kan Rio de Janeiro (Aikido Nippon Kan Brazil) Activity Report


Luc Leoni Sensei
AHAN Rio de Janeiro
Aikido Nippon Kan Brazil
October 10th, 2006

Martial Art Instructor’s First Aid Course

Securing the head.

Securing the head.

Knowing the importance of safety and emergency procedure, AHAN Rio de Janeiro offered a safety and first aid course to local martial art instructors this past fall. Safety is an important issue in martial art training and being familiar with emergency procedures in case of an accident is something all instructors should be familiar with. This kind of training for instructors can help keep everyone calm during a medical emergency by learning to deal with the situation effectively.

Link here for commentary by Luc Leoni Sensei

Medical Supply Donation
In conjunction with the Urgence Humanitaire Internationale Foundation in France, Luc Leoni Sensei and AHAN Rio de Janeiro helped coordinate the shipment of a full container of medical equipment including hospital beds, dental chairs and other hospital fixtures designated for small local hospitals and medical facilities in rural villages in Brazil. This project took six months for Luc Leoni Sensei to help coordinate, and the shipment is due to arrive in early 2007. The Urgence Humanitaire Internationale Foundation works extensively in Armenia and other Eastern European countries supplying badly needed medical equipment and supplies.


To follow up on the medical equipment delivery to Brazil, AHAN Rio de Janeiro plans to help with the distribution of the equipment to local rural hospitals and other medical facilities upon its arrival. AHAN Rio de Janeiro has been very active in their community over the past years and exemplifies true AHAN philosophy in its actions. Great job!