AHAN Meal Services at 3 different places: Kathmandu, Nepal; Yangon, Myanmar; Denver, CO, U.S.A.


AHAN Meal Support Service Activities are a class of humanitarian activity that Aikido Nippon Kan Students and AHAN-supported School staffs & students voluntarily provide.

The photo was taken on November 18 during an AHAN humanitarian activity by the Nepalese Army Rangers at a historic nursing home in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Young soldiers and AHAN Nepal’s WWY (We are With You) children provided a heartfelt service to the seniors at the nursing home and made their day!

Colonel Anup Thapa, the leader of the Nepalese Army Rangers

Colonel Thapa’s wife during the volunteer service

At about the same time in Yangon, Myanmar, another AHAN Meal Support Service was being carried out jointly by AHAN Nippon Kan Myanmar and AHAN-supported School staffs & students.  The service date was chosen to be on the same day when the local people made donations to their temples they worshipped so as to serve as many people in need as possible.

On November 19 in Denver, CO, U.S.A., the monthly Denver Homeless Meal Support Activity was carried out.  The monthly event has been led by Homma Kancho and voluntarily supported by Nippon Kan Aikido students for the past 27 years.  Student-volunteers helped in the preparation for the meals after the morning practice on Saturday.

Starting at 5:00AM in the morning the next day on Sunday, Homma Kancho began cooking curry and other dishes to serve more than 300 meals.

Homma Kancho starts cooking curry, etc. to serve 300+ meals.

A Head Chef’s Privilege: Tasting (and it’s GOOD!!!)