The Summer Marathon Practice (Keiko) Seminar of 2017 was completed on August 28th


Over 800 participants were involved in the Marathon Keiko Seminar, and over $7500 in donations was collected during the Seminar. All the donations will be disbursed by AHAN Nippon Kan to aid humanitarian projects that AHAN Nippon Kan supports in various countries in Asia. Among 72 Nippon Kan students registered for the Marathon Keiko Seminar, 32 of them achieved their goals at the end of the Seminar. Although several uchideshi candidates could not join the 30-day long Marathon Keiko Seminar due to difficulty in obtaining relevant travel visas in a timely manner, a total of 12 Aikidoists took part in the Seminar as uchideshi, and 11 of them completed the Seminar. Big congratulations to all the students who participated in the Summer Marathon Practice (Keiko) Seminar of 2017 during the hottest peak of the summer in Denver! Bigger congratulations to all of you who achieved the goals you had set by working so hard during month! It was not easy, but you all did it! Thank you and Congratulations!